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Every company comes into existence with a commitment to offer world-class products and services to their clients.  With this philosophy, Apex Solutions is incepted in 2008 to provide apex audio-video solutions as well as system integration for myriad of projects.

To be appointed as North India’s Authorized Dealer for Harman Pro was the major breakthrough for Apex Solutions in2013.  From there onwards, the company has achieved many milestones and ascended the peak of success.

So what are the driving principles that inspire Apex Solutions from becoming better to bigger? It is our clients – the one and only reason behind all our dedication, motivation and to do something unique for them. They are the one who drive us to go the extra mile each day, every hour and add value to their business.  It is our employees who constitute the existence of Apex Solutions. Without their contribution and passion, the company could never achieve the past and future goals.

Our values of doing things with ownership,  by keeping priorities , with talent resulting amazing work all and customer delight are the enablers for us to follow our principles and deliver on our purpose. It is a continuous pursuit of betterment for Apex Solutions and to make our mark.


Why We Are Your Best Choice

Apex Solutions is committed to providing timely and quality customer care at all steps and levels of operations. Service and excellence are the two core values which we believe in strongly. We work closely with the Customers to deliver a perfectly balanced combination of audio-visual hardware, software and services that will meet the needs of your project and your organization.


  • Professional audio reinforcement solutions for dynamic sized projects, live shows and venue installations
  • Design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of audio products or equipment
  • Providing technical services of distributor audio systems at our in-house service center
  • Supplying backline gears for live shows or events
  • Distribution of world-class musical instrument brands
  • After sales technical training sessions and product demos


  • To provide customers with the highest quality products and impeccable services
  • To co-exist and thrive together with our customers and partners
  • To operate our business based on strong set of values and ideals
  • To be different and distinctive with our services


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Apex Solutions leaders along with their team are the brain and heart of the company. Together they steer the wheel of the organization towards a common destination.

sunil kumar founder apex solutions


Founder/Managing Director

A true visionary shows their vision with their action. This is what Sunil Kumar strongly believes and implements in his business.  Apex Solutions was Sunil Kumar’s brainchild, which he conceived with his two decades of experience in the audio industry. Graduated as Bachelor in Electronics, Mr. Kumar is responsible for the overall working of the company and is instrumental in making strategic decisions for the company.  He was the distributor of Harman Professional and currently of QSC in North India, but sky has no limit for his aspiration. Sunil Kumar envisaged a future for Apex Solution to be in the league of India’s successful audio distributor.  The journey for Apex Solution is continuous and achieving milestones is what Sunil Kumar has planned for the company.

As a veteran in this industry, Sunil Kumar strives to bring change for betterment with his business approach. He believes in creating opportunities for himself and for his team to excel. He redefined the word Apex as he quotes- “Apex doesn’t only means the highest point of business achievement, but to be at the top with individual growth within an organization.”

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